Monday, February 11, 2008

Why are we here?

The picture above may give you some insight about how we live and work in the 21st century

We may wonder, why this men, at this age, with this cultural background, is having this conversation as he rides his bike?

He is on a move, on a mission, trying to accomplish something.

Is'nt he?

We all need to move, communicate, accomplish...something

To certain degree we are mobile workers...and mobile workers need tools to accomplish more.

That's what that men is doing, using his mobile phone as a tool to get something done.

But what if your mobile phone could enable you to do much more than "talk"?

There are many scenarios where talking is not an option and it is not the best thing to do.

What about getting things done by transmitting your location, status, updates automatically?

A piece of software running on your cell phone and constantly transmitting your location, status and updates to the people relevant to your business.

You don't need to call if you don't want or you can't. Simply update your status.

You will be found, when you want to be found. You will find, when you want to find.

Walk with me for 5 more minutes...Who are you? Do you work?

As a professional are you mobile or are you stuck?

Are you a mobile worker?

Are you a manager at a field services company?

Are you a dispatcher?

Are you the owner at a field services company?

Today we have more than 150 million workers and 150 million cell phones in USA

Are you one of them?

Mobile workers spend more than 40% of their time away from their desks.

Many mobile workers visit customers to help or to deliver something.

In this dynamic environment, productivity and time are really precious.

1 hour may cost $ 20 to $200. It varies a lot but time definitely costs money

How much do you make for each hour of work? Or for each hour of your team?

How much to accomplish all your deliverables and get home 1 hour earlier?

Your productivity can help you accomplish more and grow in your career and compensation.

Improve quality of life.

Mobile workers that accomplish more can increase profitability in thousands of Dollars for each worker.

With so many customers to help and so many orders do fulfill, a typical work day can be really stressful.

If you can perform one more visit, you can make more money, your company can make more money and your customer can make more money (or have more value).

If we can achieve more, perform more visits, more transactions, we have a win-win-win situation.

But how can we do that?

Tools...for the mobile worker.

That's where we come from. We enable cell phones to do much more than talk...

Movelus was born to make a meaningful contribution to the service industry

Our mission is to enable companies with mobile employees to accomplish more by using our technology

Our vision is to make "Location" as relevant as "Search"

Our technology was built on top of the internet, wireless and gps.

We provide software as a service.

You don't need to buy special hardware or special software to use our technology

If you have a Sprint/Nextel phone you can start your 2 months trial for free.

It's really simple and fast.

Go to and click on subscribe for a trial and click on red icon for a demo